I haven’t been on here in a very long time but I feel like its only respectful to send my prayers to the Ladies Code fandom but most importantly the members and Eunbi’s family. This is horrible horrible news and I am in so much shock I can’t even put it into words. Eunbi was only 5 years older than myself so the thought of her death is even more heartbreaking. I hope more than anything that it was quick and painless and that she is comfortable wherever she may be now. I’m so devestated.

I wish the girls a steady recovery in this time of hurt and mourning. 

R.I.P Go Eunbi

My first thoughts on Red Velvet’s ‘Happiness’ MV was that it was very Kyary-like with all of the strange transitions and effects (the pink squishy thing in particular!), I like it though! Makes a change from Sment’s more angsty/artistic sort of videos. I really like the branching out from box sets that SM are doing with this video and even though it is still very much a set it was a very different style and feel that I just really liked. I was taken aback by the very random set change three quarters in through the video but I guess it was to be expected seeing as SM have being doing this A LOT since TTS ‘Twinkle’ and Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got a Boy’.

The song is nice (the English intro was a bit corny and felt a lot like the intro to AKB48’s ‘Koisuru’ but I’m not going to hate considering that this is SM and their English lyrics are always a tad questionable and the girl speaking didn’t sound like a native English speaker, or at least to me, so props to her!) and the dance seemed super cool (especially at the ‘lalala’ part) and very fresh, no sexy stuff just pure fun which is nice and summery!

The girls look and sound insane! They’re sound super good and whilst they have a very Sment look about them they are all very pretty indeed! I’m suprised that their outfits weren’t more wacky and a bit out there but again, it was a nice change (the sailor clothes were super cute!).

Overall, I’m really interested to see what these girls can do and intrigued to see where the concept they have is going to go in performances and as new videos are released. I’ll certainly be keeping up with what they’re up to and wish them all of the best of luck!


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